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‘Blue Bay’ is situated not far from the historical town of Mahebourg in the South East Coast of Mauritius and just after the long stretch of Pointe d’Esny beach. This amazing tiny lagoon of indescribable azure blue colour, hence its name, Blue Bay, is just a few kilometres away from the city of Mahebourg. It is the nearest tourist destination from the Mauritius SSR international airport, Plaisance. The nice sandy beach, azure blue and at some place deep blue is unique and somehow different from the other beaches. The variant in the blue colour of the lagoon comes from the sudden depth of the lagoon, just after the jetty. There is also a Marine Park of Blue Bay which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists all week long. The nearby Ile aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve, is also an additional attraction to the area.

Blue Bay offers a wide range of accommodation from bed and breakfasts, budget guest houses, self-catering accommodations to grand luxury hotels such as Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel and the 5 star Shandrani Hotel among others.


‘Ile des Deux Cocos’ just opposite the beach is a private islet located in the Blue Bay Marine Park, just off the southeast coast of Mauritius. The islet belongs to a Mauritian hotel group, the Lux Island Resorts (formerly Naïade), and may be booked for private or business events. The villa in the property was built by the British governor of Mauritius, Sir Hesketh Bell (1916-1924) for its own leisure more nearly century ago. It has been renovated and may now be rented by a couple or a small group for a holiday in wonderful natural scenery.

A day trips to Ile des Deux Cocos, with lunch on the islet, can also be arranged with the owner that has also hotels in other places in Mauritius: Morne Brabant, Grand Gaube and Belle Mare.

Blue Bay is to the South as Pereybere is to the North. Small, like natural swimming pool, clear water, nice and warm and full of picnickers over weekends.However, attractive as these emeraude of sea could be in Blue Bay you have to be very careful not to venture beyond the jetty if you do not know how to swim. Follow the notice board and bring back home a lifelong memory of how the Blue Bay Sea could be as astonishing as it is.
marina park

The Blue Bay Marine Park

Coral reefs surround and protect almost the entire coastline of Mauritius (except 20 km off the southern coast at Grand Port Bay). These reefs have been severely damaged by various factors, including blast fishing, pollution, and other human activity.

In 1997, the Mauritius marine authorities designated two marine parks, one in Blue-Bay (320 ha) and one at Balaclava (480 ha) as national parks in order to preserve the ecosystem of these areas. Both marine parks are rich in terms of flora and fauna. While Blue Bay is located on the southeast coast, Balaclava is situated on the northwest side of the country. In 2000, both parks were proclaimed Marine Protected Areas. Fishing vessels and excavation operations are prohibited in the marine parks. Leisure activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, and glass bottom boating are allowed. Boats may not drop anchor in a place other than a mooring zone.

The Blue Bay Marine Park is an ideal spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. The waters are clear and only 5 to 6 m deep. Many tourists discover the park on board a glass bottom boat from the hotel or from a local operator. About 40 coral species and 70 new fish species have been found in the marine park. You may see various corals, marine invertebrates, macro algae, and fishes including damsel fish, surgeon-fish  butterfly fish, sail fin tangs, and trumpet fish. These parks are real underwater Eden.

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